What are we about?

hqdefaultVHT4GB0HNanada Music B.V. is a music-publisher which is proud  to keep a personal relationship with its composers, lyricists and all other people we work with both in the Netherlands and abroad. In the past, a music publisher’s activities were exactly what its name still suggests:  Manufacture, publish and sell sheet-music, song lyrics and sometimes complete music scores to ‘users’.
In short: Publish music.
Musicians, orchestras, choirs, etc., who required sheet music signed to us, so they could simply play the notes as supplied on paper.Nowadays, the manufacturing and selling of (hard copy) sheet music is only a very small part of
the business of a music-publisher.So what are we about nowadays?

We have a wide-ranged network of music-publishing companies, who represent us all over the World.
We have assigned our repertoire to very knowledgable partners, who are all well-informed of the local copyright rules, who have their network of ad agencies, production companies, record labels and copyright societies such as we have in the Netherlands.

This enables us to Worldwide:

– administer our copyrights.
– promote or ‘pitch’ our copyrights in order to get them included in commercials, films and games and to motivate other artists to include our copyrights into their repertoire.
– negotiate a favourable deal for the use of our copyrights in synchs and samples.
– have eyes and ears locally to watch over the use of our copyrights (is all use correctly accounted for in the end?)

We aim to support our composers with the registrations of their compositions, the exploitation of their songs and to monitor whether in the end they get paid their monies due for the use in question.

Quite often, a composer is a performing artist in his own right.
In that case – if desired – we offer them guidance into obtaining a favourable record-deal.

When our writers/artists intend to record a cover or write an arrangement of a song, we’ll clear the rights to do so with the copyright owners and in some cases we will try and negotiate an arranger’s share for their work.

What do synchs stand for?

Synchronization rights in our line of work stands for the first initial recording of sound and images.
Music is often written in commission to support documentaries, enhance the atmosphere in scenes in films and to draw attention to commercial ads on TV, radio and other media.

Just as many times, these productions use music that was commercially released previously, for which a potential user (through ad agencies, production companies, etc.) need to clear the rights with the copyright-owners (i.e. the composers and their music-publishers, who usually have their writers mandate to negotiate the best possible fee for the requested use).
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Whenever an original recording of a song  is used, such as “DINGE DONG” by the band TEACH IN, the user needs to clear the rights of the master-owner as well. Usually this is the record label who released the original recording of an artist.

Nanada Music B.V. is closely connected to record-label Red Bullet Productions

This enables potential users to negotiate the use of our repertoire in combination with Red Bullet in a one-shop stop with us.
Experience has shown us that these kind of clearances are dealt with and finalized very quickly indeed, all to the advantage of the potential client, the artists and the composers of the music.

Our website will soon show you what repertoire Nanada Music B.V. and Red Bullet Productions can offer you in a ‘one stop shop’.