D-Experimentals are a Dutch DJ/Producer duo formed by Roy Lobbezoo and Seryljo van Ierlant.

After having worked together on a number of projects already, they decided to make it official in 2014 and since they have released their productions under the name “D-Experimentals”.

This name came to be while the duo experiments with a mix of different styles in their productions.

This mix has developed from the difference in their musical ideas, formed by techniques and sounds starting in the 80’s and continue to grow in the here and now.

Nanada Music and Red Bullet Productions are proud to have signed this duo earlier this year.

So far, Red Bullet has released two singles.

The first one is a remix of the track “You Are Unique” (written by Greg Elias), which was originally recorded by Eddie Conard & The American Dance Band in 1982.

The original has been re-released by Red Bullet as well.

The second single is an original production by D-Experimentals, written by Seryljo van Ierlant, titled “SaxSeduction”.

Check both releases on: Spotify & YouTube