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  • It was written in 1965
  • It was originally recorded by The Castaways
  • It was written by James Donna & Dennis Craswell
  • They were two of the band members of The Castaways
  • It was released by label Soma – nowadays Unidisc
  • It was a hit in the USA only
  • In fact, it was their only hit – a one hit wonder
  • The song peaked at # 12 in the Billboard Hot 100
  • Curiously, the song has been immensely populair outside the USA, like in Russia and France – where “LIAR LIAR” is included in commercials, films en TV series. For example, the song features prominently in Russian TV series "GRAZHDANSKIY BRAK” (XNUMX) and it featured in French feature film “INTERSECTIONS” (XNUMX).

Discover the strength of this composition – like Deborah Harry has done, who recorded a cover of “LIAR LIAR” in 1988 (included on the soundtrack album of USA pic "MARRIED TO THE MOB”):


Ontdek de kracht van dit nummer ook – net als Deborah Harry, die van “LIAR LIAR” reeds een cover opnam in 1988 (te vinden op de soundtrack van de film “MARRIED TO THE MOB”)

And of course – listen to the original version of THE CASTAWAYS: