The Attic

In 1968 Willem van Kooten started his companies Red Bullet Productions and Nanada Music B.V. holding office at De Rijklaan, 1 in Hilversum. But that didn't last long. Quite soon after, the companies moved to the beautiful villa at Alexanderlaan 2 in Hilversum. And we are still there today.

In addition, we were looking for a place where we could regularly sit together in the area of promo, for discussing new deals, ideas for exploiting our extensive catalog, listening to new material from our composers and relations and listening to demos offered, etc. etc.

In 2017 the time had come: The Attic was a fact!

By now, a number of our composers have also found our Attic to chill there, to go through their administration with us and to write new songs, make demos, and so on.

Nanada has never participated in large writer camps, but our Attic is ideal for small and intensive collaborations: We occasionally invite a select number of songwriters who do not know each other or at least have never worked with each other before, to go meet up with each other, see if there is a 'click' and to see if something beautiful arises in the field of music. They then lock themselves up in The Attic - sometimes for one day, sometimes for several days and evenings and the deal is: they deliver the music and we deliver the refreshments ...!

An example of a succesful session is “SHADOW”, written by Mark van Bruggen, Emiel Samandar and Thijs Vroegop, recorded by Tim Dawn and released by Universal Music.

Since, we have actively been making improvements – with the input of our writers - to make our facilities as practical as possible for our guests. NIETS NIETS NIETS en uitgebracht door Universal Music