The Brubeck family is excited to announce the formation of its new
record label, Brubeck Editions, with its first release, Time OutTakes, released just in time to celebrate Dave's 100th birthday.

Brubeck Editions will of course be releasing more recordings by Dave
Brubeck and a variety of incredible musical collaborators. The family has access to many wonderful performances caught on tape over many decades, on the road and in the studio. As will be the case with future
decades, on the road and in the studio. As will be the case with future
Brubeck Editions releases, Time Out Takes was painstakingly
compiled, re-mastered and packaged with the direct participation and supervision of Brubeck family members guaranteeing their musical integrity and sonic quality.

Stay tuned for news of future releases!

Time OutTakes

Time OutTakes features previously unreleased tracks from the original 1959
recording sessions which have never been heard before. These newly-discovered
recordings feature wonderful performances that are every bit as compelling as
"Pick Up Sticks" and "Everybody's Jumpin," were achieved in just one take so there were no alternates to include on this new LP.


However, it was discovered that during the 1959 Time Out sessions, the Quartet also recorded "I'm In a Dancing Mood" as well as an unlisted trio jam with a major drum solo that included snatches of the melody from "Watusi Drums." So these two tracks were included in this brand-new LP. Time OutTakes has been released on December XNUMX, XNUMX, just in time for Dave's XNUMXth birthday on December XNUMXth XNUMX. The version of Take Five on this album has been released as a single, and can be heard on Spotify, Amazon or YouTube.